2nd April 2023

“Business Cabinet” appeared in Odnoklassniki

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Ekaterina Alexandrova

“Business Cabinet” is a single entry point for content management, promotion and attraction of new customers.

It is expected that the new platform will help entrepreneurs and SMM professionals who conduct business and create professional content in OK to simplify their work with the entire set of social network capabilities. The solution will become an additional entry point for the OK advertising office based on myTarget technologies.

The platform integrates all the main services for running and promoting business in OK: access to groups, messages, video calls, broadcasts and an advertising office. This allows you to see the results of your work and adjust your content strategy.

Small businesses can use the account to track advertising campaigns for their profile or group and immediately go to incoming messages from customers. Here, the page administrator can schedule a live broadcast or video call. To effectively manage your OK account in the business office, operational statistics for the last week are also available, including data on campaigns in the advertising office.

Business Cabinet is available on all platforms: desktop and mobile versions of the social network, as well as OK applications for Android and iOS. You can enter it from the personal profile menu in OK.

Over the year, OC revenues from SMB promotion have grown 3 times, more than 1 million entrepreneurs conduct business on social networks.

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