2nd April 2023

Bloomberg: Sony to make a major PS5 announcement later this month

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In addition to the next State of Play event scheduled for August 6, where there will definitely not be any major announcements on PS5 (only games from third-party developers and indie studios will be shown), this month Sony has outlined another event, at which it should announce something important related to PS5. This was reported by Bloomberg with reference to a source close to the PlayStation team.

Recall that the console itself and the line of accessories for it Sony showed at the June major presentation of the launch line of PS5 games. Earlier, Sony showed off the new DualSense gamepad and revealed some of the PS5’s specs and capabilities (1, 2 and 3). Just yesterday, as part of the next phase of the announcement, Sony revealed which PS4 peripherals will work on the PS5, upsetting fans with the news that the DualShock 4 will not work with PS5 games. The details of the price and timing of the start of sales remain unknown so far. And although the source does not directly say that these details will be revealed at the presentation, there is nothing more Sony to announce (although they can tell again about the SSD). Moreover, early leaks indicated that the full announcement of the PlayStation 5 with the publication of detailed characteristics will take place in August.

Macquarie Capital analyst Damian Tong reckons that the diskless version of the PS5 will cost $ 400, while the PS5 version with a drive will cost $ 100 more – $ 500. On the whole, his forecast seems to be very restrained and convincing. The analyst estimates that Sony will be able to sell 6 million PS5s by March 2021.

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“I think the core PlayStation fan base will quickly take over the first few million consoles quickly. Thanks to backward compatibility, their game library will work on the new console, so the device can be used from the first days. “

Damian Tong, Analyst at Macquarie Capital

Only today, Sony reported on the results of the past quarter – sales of games on PS4 almost doubled, and revenue reached a record $ 5.6 billion.

Source: Bloomberg

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