29th January 2023

Apple Reports Best June Quarter Ever And Announces 1: 4 Share Split

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The main thing from Apple’s fresh quarterly report is that the third quarter of the 2020 fiscal year ended on its accounting calendar on June 27 (recall, Apple is one of the manufacturers whose fiscal year does not coincide with the calendar year).

During the reporting period, Apple managed to get not just big income, but set a new record – $ 59.7 billion, which is significantly higher than analysts’ forecast ($ 52.3 billion). This is 11% more than in the same period a year earlier. Operating income for the year increased from $ 11.54 billion to $ 13.09 billion, and net income rose from $ 10.04 billion (or $ 2.18 per share) to $ 11.25 billion ($ 2.58). The gross margin was 38% versus 37.6% a year ago.

“Apple’s record June quarter was driven by double-digit growth in both products and services and growth in each of our geographic segments. In challenging times, these metrics reflect the important role our products play in our customers’ lives and Apple’s continued innovation. ”

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple.

Apple Reports Best June Quarter Ever And Announces 1: 4 Share Split

60% – Share of international sales in Apple’s total revenue structure. Looking in more detail by region, absolutely in all regions Apple was able to increase sales. Sales rose the most in Europe and the Americas (North and South). 11

Apple Reports Best June Quarter Ever And Announces 1: 4 Share Split

All areas of Apple’s business showed growth: iPhone – 1.6% ($ 26.41 billion); Mac – 21.6% ($ 7.08 billion); iPad – 31% ($ 6.58 billion); Wearable devices, devices for home and accessories – 16.7% ($ 6.45 billion); Services – 14.8% ($ 13.16 billion). Apple has confirmed that new iPhone models will be delayed for several weeks. Apple now has more than 550 million paid subscribers. over the past quarter, 35 million new paying subscribers were added. Apple previously said it expects to hit the 600 million paying subscriber milestone by the end of 2020. The company generated $ 16.3 billion in operating cash flow for the quarter. As of June 27, 2020, it had $ 81 billion in cash against total debt. in $ 113 billion. Also for the quarter, the company paid shareholders about $ 21 billion ($ 10 billion in the form of share repurchases and another $ 3.7 billion in the form of dividends). Apple’s board of directors announced a split of shares in the proportion of four for one. This means that each Apple shareholder will receive three additional shares for each share they held at the reporting date. That is, the shares will become cheaper, but there will be more of them.

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Apple Reports Best June Quarter Ever And Announces 1: 4 Share Split

On the background of a successful quarter, Apple shares rose in price.

Source: Apple and MacRumors

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