2nd April 2023

Apple iPhone 12 gets improved wireless charging function – with magnetic positioning for optimal power transfer

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The last few generations of iPhone smartphones support wireless battery charging technology. However, in the iPhone 12 lineup, which will be released in 2020, the corresponding capabilities may be improved.

Judging by the latest leaks, Apple intends to release the first smartphone with magnetic positioning. Magnets are strong enough to automatically place your smartphone on the charging pad to get the most efficient wireless charging.


As evidenced by the leak with images of molds and reels, the first generation of smartphones with magnetic positioning will be the Apple iPhone 12 family. The corresponding images were posted on Weibo. The molds and spool are photographed along with other components such as the plate for the camera module, volume control and power buttons.

It is logical to assume that this improvement will require the use of a special compatible charger. So, hopefully Apple will finally officially unveil its long-awaited wireless charger. As we know, this year the company decided to revive the Air Power project.

Source: gsmarena

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