29th January 2023

Apple gets involved in a war with the entire gaming industry

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Sergei Dragun

The smartphone maker continues to drive the industry with the App Store.

At the end of last week, Apple did not grant permission to Microsoft xCloud for placement on the App Store. This was a big disappointment for Xbox, as Microsoft xCloud is one of the most significant Xbox software platforms, allowing gamers to stream from the cloud and play on different devices without compromising quality. The official launch is likely to happen next month.

It took Facebook several months to approve the Facebook Gaming app. The App Store approved it on Friday and only after the app lost one of two important features – a library of games for mobile devices.

Facebook COO Sherrill Sandberg said it had to remove gameplay functionality entirely in order to get Apple approval for a separate Facebook Gaming app.

Microsoft’s Xbox team has taken an unusually aggressive move and said Apple is the only platform that is denying consumers access to cloud gaming and game subscription services such as Xbox Game Pass. It is tougher on gaming applications, applying softer rules to non-gaming applications, even if they contain interactive content.

IOS is now the world’s largest gaming platform, CEO Tim Cook said proudly.

The category of games is the most popular in the App Store and Apple cares the most about how to make more money.

An analysis by CNBC found that the App Store’s total revenue for 2019 was $ 50 billion.

When cloud gaming platforms like xCloud are not available on iOS, many users will be disappointed. Playing console-class games on the iPhone would be convenient for Xbox Live users, as many of the 90 million users have iPhones, but the App Store policy does not leave them that way.

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The App Store does not currently support cloud gaming on the Nvidia GeForce and Google Stadia platforms, although they are available on Android phones. Both of these platforms are more limited in scope than the Microsoft product.

Apple’s leading position in the gaming world has begun to have a negative impact on the industry. Many of the “innovations” introduced to games due to App Store policies were good for Apple, but bad for gamers.

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