2nd April 2023

Apple Confirms iPhone 12 Models Will Delay

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New iPhone models in 2020 will be released a few weeks later than usual. This was announced by Apple CFO Luca Maestri during a conversation with investors following the results of the third financial quarter.

Probably, it was just about the appearance of new products on sale, while the announcement may take place within the traditional time frame – in early September. This situation was recently reported by the insider @komiya_kj, according to which the presentation of smartphones will take place on September 8, and it will not be possible to buy them until October 2.

Luca Maestri did not name the reason for the delay, but it can be safely assumed that it is associated with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. Supplier factories and factories in China were running intermittently, which prevented them from meeting the planned deadlines.

Just the other day, the preliminary prices of all upcoming iPhone models became known. Apparently, we will have four smartphones, each of which will be available with three memory sizes.

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