29th May 2023

Ads Transparency extension for Chrome shows what ads the user sees and why

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Recently, a very remarkable extension with the self-explanatory name Ads Transparency Spotlight was released in the official Chrome Web Store. With it, users of the Chrome browser can find out why they see certain ads. The extension also provides reports containing data on the number of advertisements displayed on a specific page and other details.

According to the description of the extensibility features in the Chrome Web Store and information from the user manual, with the help of Ads Transparency Spotlight you can find out:

The exact number of advertisements on a web page A list of advertising providers responsible for placing advertisements on the page A complete list of all companies and services related to the advertisements displayed on the page (for example, content delivery networks or analytics providers), regardless of who Introduced a schema: Factors that determine the display of a specific ad (age, gender, visits to the advertiser’s sites, location, topics related to the sites that the advertiser visited).

Up to this point, Google has only told its ads through the “Why this ad” function. The new extension works on the basis of the “Ad Disclosure Schema” API, which allows advertisers to provide detailed data about the displayed ads. Google hopes that in the future the list of project partners will continue to expand.

Source: Chrome Web Store

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