29th January 2023

About me

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My name is Vicky O. Torres. I am a psychologist by profession, and I love my work very much. And in general, I am an active seeker of truth, silence and beauty of the world.

If to continue about a profession my main activity now consists in psychological consulting and creative-psychological employment with children. Sometimes I hold psychological seminars and webinars about harmonious upbringing of children, self-knowledge, family relations.

About me

Like many people, I love to travel and discover myself in new circumstances and climatic conditions 🙂 I love delicious and beautiful food. But most of all I love inspiring, sincere communication with people! I appreciate honesty – first of all, openness to self-discovery, truthfulness and depth, which permeate our lives.

This blog appeared as a continuation of my real activity in the real world. I needed a platform where I could answer the questions I was asked about psychology, distribute recipes and delicacies you ask me. That’s why on the pages of this blog I talk about what inspires me. It inspires me to live every day, to find answers over and over again, to follow my own path. Here I talk about my work, share my culinary experiments, thoughts about healthy and harmonious lifestyle. Read more about the content of the blog. There is also a convenient transition to the section you are interested in.

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