2nd April 2023

250 million Huawei users will receive the update to EMUI 11

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When a smartphone manufacturer prepares a new operating system, it’s always interesting, but when Huawei does it, it’s doubly interesting. What is there to bend the soul, I wonder how the company will get out of the situation and offer something new. Quite simply, Huawei often offered something interesting and something that others do not have. We have already said when the new version of EMUI appears, but now the company has shared interesting information, according to which the new operating system will receive about a quarter of a billion of its users. It’s hard to believe in it, but you can’t erase the words from the song.

This is not to say that everything will change with the release of EMUI 11, but something will definitely get better.

When is EMUI 11 coming out

Currently, more than 30 models of Huawei smartphones and tablets around the world support EMUI 10.1. These, however, include models that are produced under different names in different markets. In general, users accepted this version of the operating system quite well, but there are those who remained a little dissatisfied. Perhaps they will be much more pleased with the new EMUI 11, which is coming soon and will be built on Android 11.

Remember Harmony OS? Huawei is preparing a major update for her

Previously, Huawei officially announced that HDC 2020 will host events on September 10-12 this year, featuring the EMUI 11 user interface, HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system and new Huawei mobile services capabilities (HMS Core 5.0). The latter should even better replace Google’s GMS.

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Very soon, Google will release a release version of Android 11, which will form the basis of the EMUI 11 shell. Various sources claim that the final version of EMUI 11 will be released in the fourth quarter of this year. The first smartphone that will work with it out of the box will be Huawei Mate 40. Apparently, its presentation should also take place in September, but there is a possibility that it will go on sale with a long delay. Including this delay may be caused by the need to “finish” EMUI 11. In any case, if the smartphone is really presented in September, you can buy it no later than October.

250 million Huawei users will receive the update to EMUI 11

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Huawei Mate 40 and EMUI 11

When Huawei Mate 40 is released, it will be the turn of other models of smartphones and tablets, which will have to support the new software version. It is expected that eventually EMUI 11 can be installed on more than 40 models of the Chinese brand’s smartphones. It sounds beautiful, but it is not yet very clear what exactly these models will be. Among them, there will probably be those that were released no more than two years ago, but, most likely, there will be exceptions. So you can count on the support of the novelty by some three-year-old models.

A new report showed that Huawei is doing well again. How does she do it?

The company itself gives very optimistic forecasts, according to which the number of users who can install EMUI 11 will exceed 250 million people. Apparently, the company simply analyzed which models of smartphones are currently active, and looked at how many of them are included in the list of devices planned for support.

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250 million Huawei users will receive the update to EMUI 11

When phones are shown, it’s interesting, but the presentation of the operating system is equally interesting.

Huawei Developer Conference 2020

Huawei’s official announcement states that the Huawei Developer Conference 2020 will be held from September 10 to 12. According to Huawei’s official Weibo post, the company will share the latest HMS Core 5.0 developments. It will also reveal the mystery behind HarmonyOS and EMUI 11. The company promises exciting new technologies, experience sharing and learning opportunities.

In 2020, 5G and artificial intelligence will accelerate, and the era of smart interconnection will subside.

The 7 core HMS areas are fully open, over 10 application platforms, and our global incentive plans support 1.6 million developers. Cross-terminal services reach 700 million users.

HarmonyOS will break the boundaries of communication and make the full intelligent experience more accessible.

A global service network helps developers reach the world. Build new infrastructure and start a new life together.

All top managers of Huawei will have to take part in the event. There won’t be only CEO Ren Renfei, but there will be Yu Chendong, Wang Chenglu, Zhang Pingan, and Shao Yang. Shown at the Huawei Developer Conference 2020, Harmony 2.0 will be able to meet many of the needs of users, according to the Science Innovation Board Daily. It will be a system for PCs, smartwatches, and cars. However, HarmonyOS is still just not ready for smartphones.

250 million Huawei users will receive the update to EMUI 11

It’s too early to talk about the work of HarmonyOS on phones.

In September, Huawei may overtake Apple in processors

HMS Core 5.0 is already available for developers around the world. HMS Core 5.0 can provide services covering seven main areas. These areas include application services, graphics, media, AI, smart terminals, security, and the system itself. In addition to just working on a device, its new capabilities should be much more fully revealed when working in the field of cloud technologies, providing deeper integration between devices and services.

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