2nd April 2023

“1 + 1 media” and “Lanet” were able to agree, the broadcast of TV channels of the media group in the provider’s network will resume from August 5

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Exactly a week ago, on July 27, 2020, the 1 + 1 media group announced the termination of the contract with the Lanet provider, as a result of which, from August 1, the 1 + 1, 2 + 2, TET, Plusplus channels became unavailable for Lanet subscribers. UNIAN TV, Curlers, FilmUA Drama, Bolt, Kvartal TV, Star Family, Star Cinema, Kyc-Kyc, 36.6. However, today representatives of the Lanet company announced the resumption of cooperation with the 1 + 1 media group and the resumption of the rebroadcast of TV channels in the cable television network from August 5, 2020.

Next, we present the text of the commentary by the press service of the provider “Lanet”:

“Lanet Network reports that as a result of difficult and tense negotiations, contractual relations with the 1 + 1 Media group have been restored. From August 5, 2020, all disconnected TV channels of the group will return to retransmission in the provider’s cable TV network.

All mutual claims of the parties have been settled and the companies resume their cooperation. Lanet network supports the construction of the Pay TV market based on the principles of fair competition and improvement of content offerings for subscribers.

Also Lanet Network expresses the hope that this situation will become a clear example of the fact that any problems are solved at the negotiating table. Even between such “difficult” partners as “1 + 1 Media” and Lanet. The recent conflict, which also resonated in the public sphere, is considered by the parties to be overly emotional and is still exhausted. “

As a reminder, on July 13, 2020, Lanet, the Internet and cable TV provider, accused the 1 + 1 media group of putting pressure on cable TV providers. The company representatives said that 1 + 1 media is resorting to non-competitive methods of fighting small TV channels, trying to hinder their activities with the hands of large providers.

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In response, the group “1 + 1 media” said that it failed to come to an agreement with LLC “Lanet” “on a number of fundamental points that make further cooperation impossible.”

Source: Lanet

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